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Become an advocate for fair-trade, charities, non-profits, environmental organizations and more.

My Greenboard is a social network that promotes socially-minded organizations through Community Challenges, which are collaborative team-based advocacy events.  Participating in a Community Challenge is great fun, an excellent way to learn how to advocate, and a great place to be recognized for your advocacy skills.

Account Set-up

  1. SIGN-UP: Sign-up for your free account.  Receive your own web-page on which to publish ads, as well as login details for account controls.

  2. SELECT ORGANIZATIONS: Login to review the list of ads for participating organizations.  All ads are for socially-minded organizations and come pre-configured.

  3. PUBLISH: Click “Publish” beside the ads of your choosing.  Refresh your web-page and see the ads appear.


  1. COMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Join a team and collaborate with team members to share your web-pages with as many people as possible in the time provided.  Generate points for your team in the process.  Points are awarded to your team every time you convince another person to load your web-page on their device, click on your published ads and read/watch the content.

  2. MEET THE EXPERTS: Meet representatives from the socially minded organizations you are promoting.  These are seasoned advocates who will share with you valuable insights into the development work they support, and of setting you up for success.

  3. SEE YOUR IMPACT: Login to your My Greenboard Tracker account to see real-time statistics for yourself and your team.  See the leading advocates and the leading teams.


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Tips on Sharing

Share the link to your page on social media and paste it into your email signature.  This will make it easy to use as a reference when discussing the organizations you promote.  For instance, if this were the bottom of your email, the link in your signature might look something like this:

My Greenboard

Are you thinking of expanding your wardrobe? If yes, check out for fashions produced according to fair-trade and eco-friendly practices. Click here to save 10% on your next purchase. New clothes never felt so good!
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The organizations you promote may choose to pay commissions for sales you generate from your advocacy.  Say you refer a friend or family member to a fair-trade jeans retailer.  The retailer gets a new customer, the customer gets ethically produced jeans, you get a commission, and most importantly, the workers who produce the jeans get a better chance to become relevant in our global economic system.  That's fair trade.

New to Fair-trade?

Fair-trade companies are businesses that work to establish fair wages and respect for workers throughout their supply chains.  Their goal is to create better chances for workers to make a decent living in our global economic system.  Fair-trade practices include the use of eco-friendly materials, which decreases potential health impacts on workers.  Fair-trade supply chains include farmers, manufacturers, brokers, shippers, distributors and retailers.